Channeled Akashic Record Reading

Messages you need to hear in this moment to support you on your journey to your higher self.

These messages come from the Akashic Records, a massive library of all thoughts, emotions, experiences, past lives, future possibilities located in a higher dimension than the one we live in.


"I have chills, you really have a gift. I have notes connecting the dots in your readings. These messages really were able to get to my core."




The Guidance You Need To Support Your Inner Journey


What are the benefits of a reading?

You will shift patterns + energetic blocks from your past. Be able to identify the core of your being, confront your fears, worries, + doubts or heal deep wounds.

What kind of information can you access?

Past lives, current situations, patterns not serving you, energetic blocks from childhood, career choices, finances, creative process, inspiration, future possibilities, or the time your soul was created.

How are the records accessed?

You do not need to be present for the reading. I access these messages through a high vibrational meditation + I align my inner frequencies to connect with the higher dimensions of the Akashic Records. The messages will come in the form of writing + light language. The complete reading will be sent directly to you via email.

How will I receive the reading?

The complete reading will be transcribed + photographed for you to receive the full abundance of your messages. Additional insights from visions + experiences are also added to the reading.

What if I have questions after?

Space for your experiences, feedback, + questions is welcome via 15 min phone call after you receive the reading.


"Before the reading, I felt much less connected to the universe, as a living being. I am of course doing a lot of work on myself, and growing into the catalyst of life that I am, day by day.

You were able to strike into realisms of my experience, then it showed me how eternal that wisdom actually is, beyond the matrix.

you're one of my favourite witches! You're so far beyond me in this capacity of the world, I'll gladly blindly follow you into this realm.”"