Clarity + Alignment Session

Personal session with Forest to open to your higher purpose, deepen your connection to self, and align with an action-oriented path.

Sometimes things get a little personal. One-on-one sessions are great to work through the hard shit, the deep shit that you may not be ready to talk about publicly.

Support sessions are focused on what you NEED in the moment. A few things we may cover...

  • Inner Child Work (the real shit, not fluffy stuff)

  • Releasing Trapped Emotions + Past Trauma

  • Clarity on your Path - what's next for you?

  • Practical Actionables - what's stopping you?

  • Guaranteed Self-Reflection + Healing Tools


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Think about what areas of your life you are seeking clarity + alignment in.

What challenges are you currently facing? 

What topics or areas are you seeking to align?

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