Fucking Love Yourself

Say hello to trusting yourself fully on your spiritual journey. 

Sunday, February 13 | 6pm EST

on the night before Valentine's Day


This workshop is for you if...

  • You've been doing the inner work for a while now, but feel stuck trying to break away from the way you were raised.

  • Boundaries are a STRUGGLE - you know you *have* to do it but standing up for yourself doesn't come easy (or at all).

  • You want to be intentional with the words/actions/energy you have in every social interaction, but are struggling to figure out how.​​

  • Your growth has stalled and you're struggling to break away from the way you were raised.

  • It feels like your only value is coming from people-pleasing + trying to fix others with the expectation that was how you were supposed to receive love.

  • You are nervous to step out of your comfort zone + shy away from being yourself.

  • You see other people absolutely killing it in their personal lives loving themselves + don't understand what you're doing wrong.


What you'll learn

  • How to trust yourself

  • The steps to inner peace

  • My methods to be courageous

  • Different options for doing the inner work

  • How to feel empowered + free

  • The components of loving yourself


Hey, I'm Forest

I spent the last 2 years going INSANELY deep into healing myself, learning to trust, and put myself first -  because we are our own first loves.

When I was just starting my spiritual journey back in 2019 I was struggling big time. For years I was stuck getting in the way of my own freedom, feeling unfulfilled with conversations with no depth.

I felt unsure of myself and was desperate to heal my wounds, nothing was working fast enough.

Thankfully I have learned a lot since then.

I transformed from feeling unworthy to trusting myself in just 2 years, and I continue to learn + grow rapidly.

Every day I welcome chaos + the unknown because now I actually believe I trust myself + can take care of myself, knowing now I will always put myself first.

100% of my confidence + love now comes from within.


Ready to fucking love yourself?

The 5 Step Method to loving yourself EVEN IF you’re the only one getting in the way of your own freedom … don't trust your intuition yet… and are scared to invest in yourself and go all in!

Limited spots available - Sign up ASAP to save your spot, love!