Mirror Talks

The group program to discover your inner peace + depth of self


Learn how to set boundaries, trust yourself, + speak your truth 

without falling back into old patterns.


What if you never doubted yourself again?

Are you tired of struggling with your inner dialogue + always being the one with "too many feelings"?

Do you struggle to set boundaries and hold them + it makes being true to yourself hard for you (+ drives you crazy!)

Are you ready to stop wasting so much time trying to mold yourself to fit into others' expectations of you? Because let's be real — you'd rather be taking messy action + getting shit done!


Close your eyes, imagine you had...

  • A well-defined path of what "the work" looks like + where you're headed.

  • Ongoing accountability to "play bigger"

  • A way to feel + experience the past - so you can learn from it

  • The ability to hold your boundaries + speak authentically

  • Trust in yourself - to not fall back into old patterns.

  • Time to do more of the things you love, be joyful + play more.


Here's what can happen when you say HELL YES to yourself...

Imagine if instead of choosing between yourself + the people you love you had the time and energy for both

— because sacrifices shouldn't come in the form of people pleasing. (and they don't have to!).

What if you could have fun + play while also doing the healing work? (Cause sometimes the healing work needs rest).

Picture this: It's Saturday morning, and as you wake up and look out the window at the sun, you remember that you actually love yourself, can take care of yourself + put will yourself first. — You're damn proud of YOU!


Introducing... Mirror Talks

Your complete guide to silencing the inner talk, creating meaningful connections and ____ (even if you don't know __ just yet).


This is for you if...

  • You're interested in ____ but have no idea where to start, or how to ____

  • ___ is a STRUGGLE - you know you *have* to do it but _____ doesn't come easy (or at all)

  • Your __(growth)__ has stalled and you're struggling to ____

  • It feels like your only _____ is coming from ____

  • You are nervous to _____ and shy away from _____

  • You see other people absolutely killing it ____ + don't understand what you're doing wrong or differently

  • It feels like ___ personally hates you 


I've been there before.

When I was ____ back in 2019 I was struggling big time. 

For years I was stuck ____, feeling __ that ____, unsure of ____, and feeling desperate for ____. Nothing I was doing was working.

Thankfully I have learned a lot since those days.

I ______ from ___ to ___ in just ___(time frame), and I continue to ____ rapidly. Every day I welcome _______ to ____ with me. 100% of my ___ now comes from ____.

Foggy Waters

I was able to ___ and ____ in just ____!


Now you might be thinking...

"That's great for YOU Forest, but how can I do the same?"

"How can I make this work for me when I'm still struggling with ____"

"Can I really learn how to ___?"

And the answer is...


___ is a skill that can be learned, just like anything else.

+ when you learn how to apply a purpose + strategy to ___, growth + ___ get easy.


In this proram you'll learn

  • How to ___ and ___ effectively through ___

  • How to ____ and start ____

  • My method for ____

  • How to ____

  • The secrets to creating ______

  • How to _____ the perfect ____ so ___ never ___ without __.

  • ___, ___, + ___ explained

  • The components of ___

  • When + how to use each type of ____ (x, y, z, )

  • How to ____ that will help you ____ and ____

  • Different options for ____

  • ... and more!


I've taken the EXACT strategies I used to ___ + put them into a __ group program called Mirror Talks

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