Mirror Talks

Discover your inner peace + depth of self through group mentoring


Welcome to
finding out who you are inside

without falling back into old patterns.





Are you tired of struggling with openness + vulnerability + always wondering, "how in the heck do I express emotions in a healthy way?"

Do you struggle with your ability to set boundaries + hold them and it makes being true to yourself hard for you (+ drives you crazy!)

Ready to stop wasting so much time trying to mold yourself to fit into others' expectations of you. Because let's be real — you'd rather be taking messy action + getting shit done!


What would happen if this were your daily experience?

If you never had to doubt yourself + could wake up every day with confidence — at peace and knowing what your purpose is​.

Imagine if you had an easy plan of what "the work" looks like to take you from feeling unseen + unheard to 1000% that fierce AF woman!

Close your eyes and imagine your life if you could FINALLY feel energized easily + effortlessly (Sign me up!) Now open your eyes, because it's your new reality.

Imagine if you never felt overwhelmed and could spend your time being in a state of peace, joy + flow every moment of every day.

care of yourself + put will yourself first. — You're damn proud of YOU!


Here's what can happen when you say HELL YES to yourself...

Imagine if instead of choosing between yourself + the people you love you had the time and energy for both

— because sacrifices shouldn't come in the form of people pleasing. (and they don't have to!).

What if you could have fun + play while also doing the healing work? (Cause sometimes the healing work needs rest).

Picture this: It's Saturday morning, and as you wake up and look out the window at the sun, you remember that you actually love yourself, can take care of yourself + put will yourself first. — You're damn proud of YOU!


Mirror Talks

Discover your inner peace + depth of self

Ready to FINALLY feel welcomed + supported by others on their conscious journeys?

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No bullshit guidance for your healing journey

Tough conversations, playing big, relentless action, + being patient.


Alignment Workshops

Open to your higher abilities, let go of what is not serving you, + step into your true self. Say hello to massive growth + inner healing with real-life tactics you actually want to use. 

  • Release Fear

  • Gain Clarity

  • Trust Yourself

  • Live In Alignment


Clarity + Alignment Session

Sometimes things get a little personal. One-on-one sessions are great to work through the hard shit, the deep shit that you may not be ready to talk about publicly.

Support sessions are focused on what you NEED in the moment. A few things we may cover...

  • Inner Child Work (the real shit, not fluffy stuff)

  • Releasing Trapped Emotions + Past Trauma

  • Clarity on your Path - what's next for you?

  • Practical Actionables - what's stopping you?

  • Guaranteed Self-Reflection + Healing Tools


Depth of Self

A 6-month group healing program to do the inner work while being supported by others along the journey.

Connect with a community of ambitious, powerful leaders who are all on a similar journey of healing + growth. A judgment-free space to build the courage to take bold action in every area of your life.





Channeled Akashic Reading

Channeled messages for your deepest blocks + questions for your life direction.