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"Working together helped me feel more connected to the greatness beyond, while also recognizing the significance of the matrix."





Akashic Written Reading — $121

Channeled messages for your deepest blocks + questions for your life direction.

A channeled handwritten reading from source + your akashic records. The messages you need to hear at this moment to open to your true power, release any limitations, break out of unconscious patterns and fully embody the next steps in your life.

Clarity + Alignment Session — $242

Open to your higher purpose, deepen your connection to self, + align.

Personalized 1:1 mentoring — release fears + gain clarity for what is meant for you and your soul purpose. We work together to release trapped emotions + blockages, energy healing, + reiki. Each session is dependent on where you’re at on your journey and what you are seeking.

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Reiki Light Language Session — $242

Healing your physical body.

Moving the energy blocks within your physical body through reiki + attuned light language for your soul. An energetic alter will also be created throughout the session to ground your body + connect the channels from source back down to this physical dimension.

Akashic Light Language Ceremony — $464

Divine activations for anchoring to your soul + calling in your higher purpose.

Light language activations on the body, sacred energetic altar with a static + kinetic reading. Akashic Records reading including sacred geometry transmissions, personalized channeled messages, and light language channeled in personalized art to depict your energetic frequencies + any messages you need to embody, to step into your true essence. Awaken from within your divine being.


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"I would recommend Forest to anyone looking to transform themselves, to grow + evolve so they are prepared to take on ANYTHING."



Hey, I'm Forest

Your spiritual awakening guide. 

I do all things emotions — ego death, shadow work, inner child.

Not to mention my jam is also working with energy, channeling, + connecting back to source and sharing the messages you need to hear for your quantum leap into your true essence.

Into it?


"I realized one of my biggest barriers to success was not having enough clarity. I can now feel myself becoming more enthusiastic + intentional. I can feel myself starting to get past mental blockages + think differently"



"I used to feel so overwhelmed, but working with Forest felt like I was completely understood since I can relate to her on so many levels. Working with her never feels like 'work'."