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Your go-to group program for deepening your inner work + feeling confident AF the entire time.


Connect with a community of ambitious, powerful leaders

on a similar journey of healing + growth. 

A judgment-free space

to build the courage to take bold action

in every area of your life.





What if you never doubted yourself again?

Are you tired of struggling with your inner dialogue + always being the one with "too many feelings"?

Do you struggle to set boundaries and hold them + it makes being true to yourself hard for you (+ drives you crazy!)

Are you ready to stop wasting so much time trying to mold yourself to fit into others' expectations of you? Because let's be real — you'd rather be taking messy action + getting shit done!


Close your eyes, imagine you had...

  • A well-defined path of what "the work" looks like + where you're headed.

  • Ongoing accountability to "play bigger"

  • A way to feel + experience the past - so you can learn from it

  • The ability to hold your boundaries + speak authentically

  • Trust in yourself - to not fall back into old patterns.

  • Time to do more of the things you love, be joyful + play more.

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"It really allowed me for the first time to be vulnerable + open. It was not me before + was something hard for me but I saw myself improving + progressing over time. Initially, I was curious about the program, I was so looking forward to the meetings. I've learned so much from you all.

We're all in different parts of the world, + have different challenges, but in many ways, we all face the same challenges both internally + externally. There are other people that are also dealing with the same things."


Here's what can happen when you say HELL YES to yourself...

Imagine if instead of choosing between yourself + the people you love you had the time and energy for both

— because sacrifices shouldn't come in the form of people pleasing. (and they don't have to!).

What if you could have fun + play while also doing the healing work? (Cause sometimes the healing work needs rest).

Picture this: It's Saturday morning, and as you wake up and look out the window at the sun, you remember that you actually love yourself, can take care of yourself + put will yourself first. — You're damn proud of YOU!

What would life be like if you never had to fit into others' expectations of you to be in a state of peace? 

If you could wake up every day with confidence — knowing an abundance of joy is already on its way to you.

Imagine if instead of choosing between being successful + being unapologetically you,

you had the energy to do both — because you don't have to sacrifice yourself.

Close your eyes + imagine you never had to feel disconnected from your sense of self again + was a bold, fearless leader instead...because you can + you deserve it.

Let me show you how!


Introducing... ALIGN

Your complete guide to

silencing the inner talk, creating meaningful connections, + healing past wounds

 (even if you don't know how just yet)

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"It's been so nice to have a community even if it's virtually. To be heard + really have people listen and in turn do the same, to really listen. We bounce ideas off each other, have a safe space, be vulnerable with each other, + have a community of women."


This is for you if...

  • You're interested in finding out who you are inside but have no idea where to start.

  • Boundaries are a STRUGGLE - you know you *have* to do it but standing up for yourself doesn't come easy (or at all).

  • Your growth has stalled and you're struggling to break away from the way you were raised.

  • It feels like your only value is coming from people-pleasing + trying to fix others with the expectation that was how you were supposed to receive love.

  • You are nervous to step out of your comfort zone + shy away from being yourself.

  • You see other people absolutely killing it in their personal lives + don't understand what you're doing wrong or differently.


I've been there before.

When I was just starting my spiritual journey back in 2019 I was struggling big time.

For years I was stuck getting in the way of my own freedom, feeling unfulfilled with conversations with no depth.

I felt unsure of myself and was desperate to heal my wounds. Nothing I was doing was working fast enough.

Thankfully I have learned a lot since those days.

I transformed from feeling unworthy to trusting myself in just 2 years, and I continue to grow, heal, + learn rapidly.

Every day I welcome chaos + the unknown because now I actually believe I trust myself + can take care of myself, knowing now I will always put myself first.

100% of my strength now comes from within.


Now you might be thinking...

"That's great for YOU Forest, but how can I do the same?"

"How can I make this work for me when I'm still struggling with being taken for granted + trusting myself?"

"Can I really learn how to love + honor myself that much?"

And the answer is...


Trusting yourself is a skill that can be learned, just like anything else.

when you learn how to apply a direction + strategy to self-love, clarity + alignment get easy.


I've taken the EXACT strategies I used to do the inner work + put them into a group program called ALIGN

Ready to go all in on yourself?
Earlybird pricing ends February 17

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I’m so grateful I joined + said yes! This has been a journey. In this group we are all ambitious, powerful, and sharing our healing. There is no judgment in here, it’s a safe space. There is actually someone hearing me, listening to me, and not judging me — all of us grow together, a very rare + pure thing.’



In this program you'll learn

  • How to set boundaries and communicate effectively through agreements + non-negotiables

  • How to build confidence and start feeling seen, heard + validated.

  • My methods to connect to your inner child

  • How to differentiate between your intuition + anxiety 

  • The secrets to creating abundance + raising your frequency.

  • How to ground yourself in any situation

  • True vulnerability, heart communication, + love, explained

  • The components of feminine + masculine energy

  • When + how to use each type of healing tool - energy cleansings, nervous system regulation etc.

  • How to channel + feel inner peace so you can connect to source and align.

  • Different options for healing yourself + the space to find what works for you

  • ... and more!


Take a peek at the modules...

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1  |  Ground Yourself

Learn the tools to self reflect, dissolve your ego-self, and go deep into connecting with your true essence of consciousness. We will work with removing limiting beliefs, generational patterns, and blockages that keep us stuck in this physical 3D world. We will work with redefining your identity, disconnecting from it + opening up to your higher self.


What's the investment?

**Earlybird pricing opens February 14**

(a gift to truly love yourself)


Pay in Full

One single payment of $1212


Payment Plan

4 monthly payments of $322


Have more questions?


What makes this program different?

  • Group Accountability - we heal together + grow together, you are not alone on this journey

  • Sacred Safe Space - learning to be vulnerable by DOING not just passively watching

  • Deep Meaningful Connections - no more small talk + bullshit “I’m fine’s”

  • Healing Through Group Work - building the trust + intuition that is already innately inside of you, remembering who you are at your core

  • Opening To Your True Self - letting your voice say what you really mean, cutting away the fluff, and shedding the masks + layers of who we thought we were


Ready to finally feel supported on your healing journey? 

**Earlybird pricing opens February 14**

(a gift to truly love yourself)

Pay in Full

One single payment of $1212

Payment Plan

4 monthly payments of $322